Consult with Experts on the Best Improvements.

At Mibar Engineering LTD, we can help you with your residential remodels and additions. We follow the same process for all our projects to ensure the quality of the end results are consistent.

Get started today by sending us your fully drafted set of plans. You can send these documents to us at or by submitting and attaching your plans through our Contact page. If you do not have your plans drafted yet, give us a call at (719) 487-0812 or send us an email and we can send you a list of draftsmen that we work with regularly.

Residential Remodels:

Site visits can be requested. We will send one of our engineers out to the site to evaluate the situation and determine a solution. We can stamp a drafted structural sheet or provide an engineering letter for you to present to the building department.

Residential Additions:

Like a remodel, we can send and engineer out to the site to evaluate the situation. If a site visit is not necessary, you can send us your drafted set of plans and engineered soil test results (if a foundation design is also requested). Our engineers will follow our Structural Design and Foundation Design methods to deliver a stamped design ready to submit to the building department.